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Thread: Separate my dwarf clawed frogs?

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    Default Separate my dwarf clawed frogs?

    A few weeks ago we decided to get a couple dwarf clawed frogs for our family to enjoy (my hubs has kept amphibians in the past and we had a whites tree frog together so we have some experience with frogs but not experts). Unfortunately we lost a couple of frogs getting our tank set up just right, but now the 2 we have seem very happy. They are in a 10 gal tank at about 70 degrees with a filter, a couple moss balls, some old drift wood (thoroughly cleaned) and a snail. My only concern at this point is that they are mating all the time! �� One is a little bigger than the other so apparently we got a male and female, for over a week now,we find them with the smaller one hugging on the larger one a few times each day and the male sings for us at night ��. 2 days ago the female seemed to be getting annoyed and was biting at the little guy but that didn’t seem to slow them down. Female seems a little bloated but idk if she’s eating a lot or if it has something to do with eggs and mating. As far as we can see there are no eggs (would we see them?) we kind of assume any eggs would end up sucked into the filter anyway. Any thought or comments welcome. Are we worried over nothing and should just be glad they are happy? Should we change something in their home?
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    Default Re: Separate my dwarf clawed frogs?

    I doubt that you have anything to be concerned about. Male Hymenochirus frogs in breeding condition will clasp any frog in close proximity regardless of whether it's male or female. The eggs are very tiny and very sticky and it's unlikely your filter would have removed all of them if any had been laid. You might find some useful information in this old thread:

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