Available Amphibians!

Baby Leutino Red Eyed Tree Frogs $39.99 each

Adult Red Eyed Tree Frog ON SALE! $29.99 each

Suriname Clown Tree Frogs ON SALE $29.99 each

Baby Green Pacman Frogs $17.99 each

Baby Brown Pacman Frogs $15.99 each

Baby Fantasy Frogs $28.99 each

Baby Apricot Pacman Frogs $39.99 each

Baby Peppermint Striped Pacman Frogs $24.99 each

Baby Blue Samurai Pacman Frogs $39.99 - ON SALE!

Tomato Frogs - long term captives ON SALE $34.99 each

Giant Bicolor Monkey Tree Frogs $99.99 males / $169.99 females

Tiger Leg Monkey Tree Frogs $29.99 each

Super Tiger Leg Monkey Tree Frogs $39.99 each

Medium Tanzanian Pixie Frog $39.99 each

North American Albino Bullfrogs $39.99 each

Chubby Frogs $9.99 each

Budgett's Frogs $39.99 each

Madagascar Starry Night Reed Frogs $29.99 each

Cuban Tree Frogs $9.99 each

Convict Tree Frogs $29.99 each

Amazon Tree Frogs $35.99 each

Cameroon Big Eyed Tree Frogs $19.99 each

Banana Tree Frogs $15.99 each

Golden Tree Frogs $13.99 each

Pebas Stub Foot Toads $89.99 each

Smooth Sided Toads $59.99 each

Grey Tree Frogs $8.99 each

Green Tree Frogs $6.99 each

Russian Fire Salamanders $29.99 each - ON SALE!

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