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Thread: Paludarium Setup for GABF Suggestions?

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    Default Paludarium Setup for GABF Suggestions?

    I've been toying with the idea lately of turning my 40 gallon breeder tank into a part land/part water setup after viewing some of Bill's (deranged chipmunk) tanks, and I finally decided to take the plunge. The tank is 36"x18"x16", and I'm going to get a piece of glass cut at the hardware store along with some water based silicone to wall off a section to make an aquatic area that's 14"x18"x4", which is about 4.4 gallons, and leave a 22"x18"x4" area for coco fiber and a big habba log hut. I know from experience that these guys are extremely messy with their water, and between poo and coco fiber, it can get foul pretty quickly. I read on several other threads that a good filter is needed to be able to handle that much load, despite the small amount of water. And, thanks to Kevin's (cyris69) recommendation, I was able to save some money by ordering a SunSun 3 stage canister filter that filters 264 gph. I also researched various types of canister filter media, and decided on Marineland filter pads, Marineland Black Diamond Activated Carbon, and Seachem Matrix Bio media for the mechanical, chemical, and biological filter media. I also bought some black contact paper to black out the back and sides of the tank.

    I have one baby Giant that I got at a reptile show in town last weekend (it was the last one at the entire show), but I'd like to pick up two more at another upcoming show this weekend. Right now the one I have is in a smaller tank while I work on the big tank; I'd like to have all three in the big tank eventually. And from what I've seen so far, this little guy loves his water. I'll fill the aquatic side mostly full of large rocks so it's not too deep for them when they're small, and take rocks out as they grow. The filter has both inflow and outflow tubes, and I've been thinking about ways to disguise them. Maybe paint them black to blend in with the sides? I'm not sure yet. I'd also like to get a few suggestions about aquatic plants that are safe for frogs and can withstand the roughness of these guys; I've read they're notorious for tearing up terrarium decorations. Anyway, if you've had experience with projects like this before and have any helpful hints or tricks, or if you see anything wrong or missing from the design, please let me know. Any advice to help keep these guys safe and healthy is always welcome!

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