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Thread: First Post, and.... escaped FBT...

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    Unhappy First Post, and.... escaped FBT...

    I recently got some FBTs (5 total) and was planning on posting a nice Hi, here's my frogs and setup etc. etc. However now I'm making a terrible first post

    Most most adventurous FBT a nice medium shade has escaped their new enclosure! I originally had three in a 40 gallon tank and rehabed them to a more reasonable size and added two more. They seem to enjoy their new place a lot more but have a much easier time climbing the walls/corners. I was worried as the tank hood had small slits for cabling and a big scare as the little guy in question was hoping around on the floor two nights ago. I assumed I left the hood off too long during feeding or something and didn't notice him leave, but worried if he had the strength to push up the corner or slide through the slit, I taped the slits up and the corners down for temporary piece of mind. Today after feeding I was in a rush to work and forgot to tape the slits up... why oh why...

    He's been MIA from 4-12:30. As soon as I got home and checked on the tank, panic searching set in and I've looked over a good deal of the room other rooms upstairs. As of now I have about seven shallow plates with some dechlorinated water and fake moss in them in strategic locations and am about to start a massive search.

    From what my googling gathered from other threads like this, the water dishes are decent traps and the first start. I never found a decent answer as to how long one might survive out of their environment. any ideas?

    Any other ideas as to where to look/how to attract? They don't exactly go after non-moving crickets so I'm not sure sacrificing a cricket or adding blood worms to each plate would do anything... :/

    I'm about an hour and a half into looking and haven't been lucky enough to just see him hoping around. He was a bully to the other little guys but I'm sure they miss him and I'd prefer not to let him go this way...

    The original trio, the explorer currently MIA is on the right :/

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    Default Re: First Post, and.... escaped FBT...

    Oh no! I know how you feel I went through this not to long ago.

    Check under furniture, I found my escapee under the couch. The plates of water are a great idea. I don't think adding dead crickets would help. When you find him make sure you rinse him over very well before returning him into his home.

    If these little guys can find a gap they can get out of it

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    Default Re: First Post, and.... escaped FBT...

    I hope you find the little Guy. I had one of mine disappear a few months ago. Never did find him. I don't know how he got out. I have very strong screen clips on my tank.

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    Default Re: First Post, and.... escaped FBT...

    one of mine got loose yesterday what i did was close the all of the doors to the room of the enclosure to prevent it from getting to far away to keep the search as small as possible and use a flashlight while looking for it. luckily my little guy hopped onto my foot a few hours later. if u confine it to a smaller area i believe u will have a greater chance of finding it alive. glad to have found him i didnt realize how arboreal these guys were. goodluck with your search

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    Default Re: First Post, and.... escaped FBT...

    These guys r very hard to find
    u must move everything around cause they like to hide behind furniture
    i would plug in some humidifiers to prevent dessication

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    Default Re: First Post, and.... escaped FBT...

    Well... Sad news. I gave up the search/emergency measures last night. I probably could have called it off sooner but I figured what could it hurt? Well poor guy is gone. No indications the dogs ate him if they somehow managed to get access, or he got access, to each other. I was worried about moving 5 into a 10 gal tank for a bit, but it looks like that won't be a problem after all.

    Thanks for the help guys! Too bad I didn't recover him. He seemed like the most adventurous of them all, so I guess he got his final adventure

    Mods can close this if they want, thanks again guys! I'll be posting a regular hello at this point.

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