Happy Monday FrogForumers!

SMALL PET FEEDERS is selling this Live Feeder Insect that is High in calcium but low in fat!

A perfect food for frogs and invertebrates, as well as baby reptiles!

Phoenix Worms are Black Soldier Fly Larva.

Phoenix Worms ™ are naturally high in calcium and low in fat.
No feeding, and no maintenance required to keep them!

They dont chirp and smell like Crickets and they don't require maintenance at all!

Medium PhoenixWorm

Buy our Small Phoenix Worms 150+ct cup for only $6.99!!

We also have a Medium Phoenix Worms 100+ct cup for only $6.99!!

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Terms and Conditions

All retail level items are shipped directly from our Marietta, GA office, while our bulk orders (crickets, superworms, and earthworms) are generally shipped directly from the farms.

All items are shipped Monday through Wednesday to ensure live delivery.

All orders are guaranteed alive, assuming temperatures don't breach 90 degrees at any point during transit, or they will be replaced, either immediately or with store credit. (The latter in the case of the 50% majority of package being alive)

All orders must be in by 6 PM the previous day to be shipped out the next shipping day. All orders received after Tuesday night at 6PM will likely be shipped the following shipping week. We do however try to get additional packages out throughout the week, please let us know if you need your package as soon as possible.

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