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Thread: Book regarding Mantellas

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    Default Book regarding Mantellas

    I am interested in Mantella Frogs specifically as of late. Is there a particular book that anyone may be familiar with that covers those species? Is there a particular dart frog related book that may apply? Thx.

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    Default Re: Book regarding Mantellas

    Hi there
    I dont know of any books that are specifically on mantella frogs but i have a book that has a whole section devoted to them Barrons' Frogs Toads and Treefrogs Barlett & Barlett this book is pretty good for most frog variations

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    Default Re: Book regarding Mantellas

    I got that one and it is indeed a decent book. I was just curious if there was something a bit more specific to them. I prefer to have a book that is more detailed as well as I like to learn as much as I can. I have studied a fair bit regarding amphibians in general but a fair bit of info doesn't seem to apply to dart frogs usually.

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    Default Re: Book regarding Mantellas

    Marc Staniszewski wrote a book "Mantellas" many years ago. Although his books are sort of a mainstays, they're quite outdated now (plus they're really expensive). I would recommend some of the links that Lynn posted in the Dart Frog section. I'd link that post but I don't know how.

    Check out this website too. Devin Edmonds (the author) is now running a mantella captive breeding program in Madagascar.
    Articles About Mantella Frogs


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    Default Re: Book regarding Mantellas

    It's a decent book.
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    Default Re: Book regarding Mantellas

    I hope it has a better approach so that the interesting things can spread.
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