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Thread: toadlets mating? is there something wrong here??

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    Exclamation toadlets mating? is there something wrong here??

    ok so today i noticed this:
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    these r just babies who r only an inch long and not even a year into their toadlet lives
    they shouldnt be mating!!
    r they being overly influenced by the adults? is the medicine i take because my body wont produce its own testosterone harming them by accident and making them act like this? i'm pretty sure 3 of the 4 of them r male and these 2 were at it for over half an hour
    should i be majorly worried??

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    Default Re: toadlets mating? is there something wrong here??

    Babies, or as we call them, froglets, hm?

    Well, I wouldn't be too worried. You might want to separate them soon if you don't want frog eggs scattered around the tank.
    I doubt it's the medicine, honestly. It probably wouldn't effect frogs in the same way as it does humans. And influenced by the adults is possible, but even so, I'd not stress about it.

    Maybe some real Firebelly Toad experts like Bombina Bob will comment. They might know what's going on.
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    Marco Caccianiga

    Default Re: toadlets mating? is there something wrong here??

    Mine did exactly the same when they were approx 5-6 month old (after metamorphosis). Young males started to learn how to mate (and also to call, witha a vey cute voice..) very soon. Now they are adult and are doing fine. I wouldn't be worried at all.

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    Default Re: toadlets mating? is there something wrong here??

    So they wont stop growing from this?? And dont females need to hibernate before laying? Im sure 3 of the 4 r male anyways

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