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    Default LIVE SHEET and MOOD MOSS


    We are now selling New stocks of Live Moss and Mushrooms! BUY NOW!

    1 Quart Bag of Live Sheet Moss - ONLY $4.99!
    Approximately 1 Pound of Moss per Quart

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Our Live Frog Moss is great for use in several frog species' tanks, adding a naturalistic look to any terrarium while it actually GROWS at a slow but steady rate, making it your frog's and your own small piece of nature.

    1 Quart Bag Live Mood Moss - ONLY $4.99!

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    Approximately 1 Pound of Moss per Quart
    1 Gallon covers approximately 1 square foot


    Mood Moss (most commonly called Frog Moss) is a slow growing moss best placed on the ground floor of a tank under good lighting and a humid enviroment. Mood Moss is a clumpy, especially slow growing species, but is one of our most attractive mosses.

    Here are the options to contact us and ORDER RIGHT NOW!

    **Send us an email at: – You’ll surely get a response from us within 24 hours!

    If you want faster transactions, we also accept orders through phone!

    **Just call us at: 678-331-8420

    Talk to Dave Cross (owner) himself if you want more information about the product!

    **If you want a convenient way to order, visit the Fruit flies section of our site! Follow this link now: LIVE MOSS FOR SALE!

    Have a great day!
    Michael Banawa
    Small Pet Feeders
    For more information about our Live Insect Feeders, please visit:
    Live Feeder Insects For Sale

    Terms and Conditions

    All retail level items are shipped directly from our Marietta, GA office, while our bulk orders (crickets, superworms, and earthworms) are generally shipped directly from the farms.

    All items are shipped Monday through Wednesday to ensure live delivery.

    All orders are guaranteed alive, assuming temperatures don't breach 90 degrees at any point during transit, or they will be replaced, either immediately or with store credit. (The latter in the case of the 50% majority of package being alive)

    All orders must be in by 6 PM the previous day to be shipped out the next shipping day. All orders received after Tuesday night at 6PM will likely be shipped the following shipping week. We do however try to get additional packages out throughout the week, please let us know if you need your package as soon as possible.

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    Small Pet Feeders

    Default Re: LIVE SHEET and MOOD MOSS

    Hey Guys!

    We still have Live Moss on stock! You can also check out our best seller:

    Glow in the Dark Mushrooms Habitat Kit

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Your Glow-in-the-dark mushroom kit has many natural functions and is not only cool but plays a very important role in your terrarium's micro-climate by releasing humidity and purifying the environment.

    100% Safe for all reptiles and humans

    Now YOU can grow Glow-in-the-dark mushrooms at home in your terrarium, vivariums, or backyard on a real log with this simple mushroom growing kit. Your kit includes everything you need (except the log!) to grow your own faerie Fire. You also get a wonderful booklet that tells you more about the science behind bioluminescence, its lore, other species, and its place in nature.

    This product is an exciting project for the whole family, or the classroom.

    We give you enough spores to inoculate a 6"-12" long log. 2"-4" in diameter. You can do smaller logs if you want.

    For more info, please visit our Glow-in-the-Dark Mushroom Page

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