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Thread: something dont seem right..

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    Default something dont seem right..

    what signs to look out for if a pixie frog is dying? cold body, not using the water dish??? for other users that is not mine or anything.. just to help others if they need it. thanks

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    Default Re: something dont seem right..

    There are many varied signs that could show that a frog is sick/dying.

    Personally, my guy is always slightly cool to the touch. Not freezing, but his body temp is lower than mine therefore he feels cool, and he is perfectly healthy.

    Using the water dish- it really depends on tank humidity and what your frog likes. Keroro will sometimes spend days just soaking in his water feature. Other times, he doesn't go in it for a good while (though he prefers to poop in there, so staying out of the water for extended periods doesn't happen often.)

    If your temps and humidity are within the correct ranges, I wouldn't worry too much.

    If you're concerned with your frog being ill, check his poop. If it's runny then a fecal exam by a vet would be a good start. Also, you can dust food with Panacur to kill common parasites.

    These guys are pretty hardy

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    Default Re: something dont seem right..

    This info will help other users thanks for the input

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    Default Re: something dont seem right..

    Emily- panacur is a treatment meds, it is intended to use only if needed and in appropriate doses that you will never be able to do dusting food.
    just thought i'll clarify.

    Ellis- it all depends on a lot of things, normally you will see that a frog is sick, when a frog is not behaving not like he should or used to, one of first signs is refusal to eat for longer periods of time. changes in poop are also indicators as well as changes in coloration and skin itself.
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