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Thread: White Tree frog developed white 'spot'

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    Question White Tree frog developed white 'spot'

    I have had my white tree frog for almost a year now (in april) and today when I brought my two frogs out i noticed my White tree frog had a white spotch which has formed.. I am not entirely sure what it is and I am wondering if you guys could give me some kind of indication. (It's on this back leg) Name:  20130124_152832.jpg
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    Also my other frog is looking quite skinny at the moment and I was wondering would it be a good idea to some how feed him away from this frog until he gains weight again?

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    Default Re: White Tree frog developed white 'spot'

    Are the frogs housed together? If so, It's possible maybe the other one nipped at it. My frogs get something that looks like this when one gets a little too excited and tries to bite the other. It's just a surface abrasion and goes away in a few hours. I'm not an expert but as long as he is fine otherwise I would just keep an eye on it. If it gets worse, maybe some Neosporin without pain killer would help.
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