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    Building a viv with a waterfall is driving me nutz. I have the tube running up (behind) the foam background and have carved a stream bed down the front. But the water flow has a mind of its own and it runs into some plant cavities that I carved in the foam. Is there a way to plan ahead so the water goes where I want it to? I am determined to use this D*MN foam background I made. I had the same problem outside with the small pond where I used slate, flat rocks for the waterfall.

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    I guess you just have to understand how water flows. It will flow to the path of least resitance.

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    I think if you could reduce the water flow as well and slow it down, that might help it actually follow your route.

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    Default Re: Control where water flows

    You have my total sympathy. I elected to not have a flowing water feature for this very reason .
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    Thank you, John. I glued some small rocks in the gaps where the water was sneaking through and seemed to have solved the problem. I am so excited....I found a new organic store which sells hydroton balls and fish fertilizer and other stuff for vivariums. Then I found a nursery that is willing to try and order some mosses and ferns and smaller bromeliads. They had a fern called a Crocodylius (or something like that) which had great texture on the leaf but the sales clerk said it was prone to dark spots from moisture. She wasn't sure. Does anyone know anything about these?

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    Trop, this is how I route water when things do not work out as planned. I use a bit of silicone and a few rocks and sand, or even pits of moss covered wood to "adjust" the flow.

    Another trick I use is to do a "dry" run , with water before adding anything else to the tank. I like to use small slabs of foam with some velcro strips, straight pins or poster putty (depending on which construction method I use) to make any needed adjustments. A drop or two of food coloring to the water helps in spotting where the issues arise at.
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