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Thread: Want to Chat? (7:20PST 9th)

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    Default Want to Chat? (7:20PST 9th)

    I'm in the chat room (in the canopy, of course) if anyone wants to talk frog.

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    Default Re: Want to Chat? (7:20PST 9th)

    Hmmm. Probably more appropriate to post this in Off Topic. Can a Mod move it for me when you have a moment, please? Sorry 'bout that.

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    Default Re: Want to Chat? (7:20PST 9th)

    I was in there the other night. Wanted to see the chat interface. Forgot the tab was still open for about two hours. I was still the only one in there. Either nobody uses the chat feature, or nobody wanted to talk to
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    Robby Cash

    Default Re: Want to Chat? (7:20PST 9th)

    No body wanted to talk to you. That's what it was chipmunk :P

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    Default Re: Want to Chat? (7:20PST 9th)

    I think it's also hard to see that there is a chat room option. It's under community for those who weren't aware . The chat room used to be busy and a good way to get it active again is to set up chat sessions by posting a time and day for anyone who is interested.

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    Robby Cash

    Default Re: Want to Chat? (7:20PST 9th)

    Well i have been getting on it around 9 or 10 eastern us time

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