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Thread: WTF hiding all the time.

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    Default WTF hiding all the time.

    Yes I am a new keeper but is it normal for a Whites Tree Frog to hide all the time (during the day or when the lights are on.)

    Bubba likes to curl up under his half round log and stay there until night or lights off.

    Now he has been in my care for less than a week so it might that he is not use to his new home yet.
    and I didn't help that by moving him again. But it was for a good reason.
    Moving from a 18X36 low Exo-terra to a 18X18X24 with a large leaf fake plant to climb on and a large
    corner water bowl.
    I am using flukers moss as a substrate, I hydrated with filtered water and rinsed all the dirt out.
    it has a really strong earthy odor to it even after all the rinsing.

    But he really likes the hide.

    Should I be worried that he is really insecure in his new home or do I just need to give him some time.
    When I get home from this trip I will program the hygrotherm for a night time temp and humidity change.
    Right now I have the sensor in the middle of the enclosure.
    and the temp set to 80F and the humidity to 74% with the repti-foger.

    He hasn't called by him self ( with out stimuli either me or a recording of another Whites Tree Frog)

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    Default Re: WTF hiding all the time.

    I have one that does that, too. Bert is a hider. So much so that when I saw the pic of Bubba in HIS hide, I knew I had to get one for Bert. I'm redoing my vivarium this weekend and I've been stressing about recreating the leaf cave he currently has and lives in. I think a hide like Bubba's is the solution.

    So ya, I guess normal for some. My other one is a big, burly, in your face kinda guy. Ernie doesn't hide. He turns so he's facing you and stares you down. It's like he's gonna shake you down for crickets, lol. Different personalities.

    What's funny is that Bert actually resembles Bubba more than Ernie does, as well.

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