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    Hi all,

    On reading various books I decided that getting a UV light for my Green & golden bell frogs (Litoria aurea) was a good idea, so I did.
    These frogs are known to sun bask, probably to produce D3 for calcium absorption.
    I got a second hand 15W Arcadia D3 reptile lamp and lamp controller.
    I have only had it going during the day for 3 days now. I think all is fine but I'm concerned that perhaps it is too bright as frogs are hiding - perhaps just a change in scenery they are not sure about yet.
    I'm not 100% sure it is appropriate and was wondering if anyone had some advice.
    Ebony - since you have the same frogs would you know if this is suitable?
    Here are pics of the set up - early stages yet as lamp is just perching on top.


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    Default Re: Lighting question

    Hi, I don't really use lighting. I do have one that i sometimes drag out if its been a week of no sun but I only put it on for about three hours if I do use it. My Frog enclosure's are placed in an area that gets say two hours sun each day. It also only shines on less than half of the enclosure. My frogs always go to that corner of sun during the day. This has worked really well for my frogs that are indoors. Sorry i can't be of more help to you.

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    Default Re: Lighting question

    I don't know enough about these frogs to comment with certainty but I sincerely doubt they need a dedicated UV lamp over their heads.
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    Being Hylids, I doubt they need any over head light.

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    Thanks for the advice. I have decided to turn it on every now and then as the plant really likes it and I'm sure in small doses it wont be detrimental to my frogs.


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