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    Red face cuban tree frog

    hi everyone i am new here and i have a question my young Cuban tree frog just died 4 days ago and i have no clue why he was fine i cleaned his tank on Friday and every thing i put him in a plastic cup and when i was don cleaning his tank i put him in the tank still in his cup he didn't see to want to come out so i left him go figuring he would come out and he didnt he stayed in the cup until Monday when i found him dead in his watering dish now i made shore he had food and that i misted his cup i don't know if i did any thing wrong but now i want to get another Cuban and i was wondering since the tank was just cleaned before he died and it has new bedding and every and since he never left the cup till the day he died if its ok to just reuse the tank as is thanks dannielle

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    Welcome to the forum Dannielle

    Before I would answer I have some questions.

    How long have you had the frog and was it captive bred or a wild caught frog?

    What products do you clean with and do you rinse with dechlorinated water after cleaning?

    Can you post a photo of the enclosure?
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    i had the frog for only about a month i bought it from a local pet store called that fish place it was a young Cuban and he was doing fine till he died iv never had this problem with any other tree frog iv owned and i clean with ether hot water or hot water with a bit of plant basted soap then i rinse it out really well with hot water and i dry out the tank completely i washed the tank the same way before i put him in it the first time when i got him and the only time i use and thing like watered down Clorox is when im pulling a tank out of storage or when an animal was really sick and i need to starliz it before i put it away for the next time but i always rinse the tanks out well before i use them and i use spring water for misting and for the drinking water as for tank size since he was a baby i put him in a 2 1/2 gallon carrying tank it is taller than i is wide iv never used any thing but normal hot water to clean my tanks and all my frogs before him were fine they all purity much died of old age except for two that were African dwarfs and they got sick and died from a strange white mold

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