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Thread: My toad hasn't been eating and he's getting thin

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    Default My toad hasn't been eating and he's getting thin

    I've had my adult western toad for about 4 months now. The past 3ish weeks he hasn't been eating very much and he's losing weight. I don't think that he's deadly think but he defiantly isn't as plump as a toad should be. He is WC not CB and in the past he has been on a diet of mostly earthworms with crickets a few times a week. He seemed to do very well on that diet and has had reliable bowl movements and is pretty active and vocal at night. I haven't been able to get him to eat any worms in the last 3-4 weeks and he's only been eating crickets. He's still pooping fine though so I know that he isn't impacted. The problem is that he only eats 3-4 large crickets a week and I just spent a good 45 minutes trying to tong feed him 3 large crickets. He use to eat off tongs really well but seems less interested in food. I always leave 3 or 4 crickets in a glass bowl near his hiding spot but he rarely eats them and usually one or two manage to escape from the bowl (he's too lazy to go hunting for them.

    I know it's starting to be winter time and wild frogs and toads slow down, but he's still active and he doesn't bury himself. He just hides out under his log or flower pot. He's also losing weight and looks way too skinny for a toad. Again he isn't in immediate danger of death in my opinion but when he walks you can defiantly see too much loose skin and he just doesn't look plump anymore. I've been chopping the head off of superworms and giving him ONE worm a week because I know they have a high fat content. I would really like it if he would start eating worms again but he seems to have no interest and they just crawl away and die on the substrate. He gets stressed if I try to feed him outside of his tank and he wont take the worms from tongs anymore. Will he be alright on a just cricket diet until he starts taking worms again?

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    Default Re: My toad hasn't been eating and he's getting thin

    Have you considered taking him to the vet? It's probably a good idea to know of a nearby exotic vet before your toad gets sick. I feel lucky to have one fairly close to me that has taken care of my birds in the past. My vets that treat "exotics" will treat reptiles and amphibians. Most small animal vets that specialize in dogs, cats, and other mammals do not treat amphibians. If you can afford it, yearly wellness exams are a great idea. Personally, money is so tight right now I can't do that. However, I would scrape together the money or sell something is my toad fell ill. But, a yearly wellness exam is ideal. Most exotic vets are knowledgable about herps, so you can ask them lots of questions that you may not know the answer to!

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    Default Re: My toad hasn't been eating and he's getting thin

    A vet does sound like the best course of action, you say he is WC so it could be possible he has internal parasites which would lessen his appetite if they are filling his digestive tract. A vet can do a fecal sample for you to check and then treat him.

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    Default Re: My toad hasn't been eating and he's getting thin

    Go to this website to find a veterinarian in your area that will treat amphibians:

    You can also contact the Arizona Exotic Animal Hospital and ask for a referral for a local exotic vet:
    Arizona Exotic Animal Hospital

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