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Thread: Whites tree frog with possible Edema.

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    Default Whites tree frog with possible Edema.

    Hey people sorry not been on for a long time because everything has been running smooth in the world of frogs at my place till a few days ago.

    I'm going to get some pictures up probably tomorrow but first let me tell you whats happened.

    I rebuilt a tank early September with a few Living plants. The tank was working wonderfully Until we moved it for Christmas. The spot we put the tank in caused the plants to die. Not thinking anything off it I replaced the plants with silks changed 75% of the water and carried on as usual. This is where the problem began i think. The tank was set-up so that the filter passed it's water over a gravel bad to act as a second filter. Not Cleaning the gravel 100% probably led to there been a high content of bacteria in the tank even after the water change.

    Any how Christmas passed, And the tank was cleaned again mid January after this i noticed the Whites tree frog had developed what appears to be Large areas of retained water. Seeing the problem I immediately stripped the tank and cleaned everything with sterilising solution then put is back together with new gravel.

    After a week or so and not seeing any improvement I decided to rebuild the tank from scratch. It's now a 50% water tank, with a larger area of Dry land and a large waterfall. The water filter was replaced, the water in the tank has been running with 2 pinches of salt. The dry area is consistently dry, and the wet area is wet. I've even put in a water heater to maintain the water at 27degees. But still the Whites is retaining water.

    As far as I'm aware there are no amphibian specialist vets in the local area, and i have not got a car. Making travel more difficult.

    Can someone please help me in the next course of action to take. I'm pretty sure the frog is not passing water, and I've seen no evidence of stools although the filter could be pulling them out of the water.

    I think it's coming to a cross roads now where the Frog will perish if i don't start to medicate. But living in the UK and checking forums a lot of the names that appear are In the US format and i have no idea what to ask for in a pharmacy, and whether or not those products will worsen the frogs condition.

    His symptoms ATM are as follows,

    Slightly swollen thighs on his rear legs. More so on the underside of the thighs.

    Swollen Vent area, It's a smooth swell no lumps or protrusions But it runs from the vent down either flank, and very slightly on his back.

    Swollen air sac - I'm not sure if it's swollen or he's just not pulling it back in, I'm pretty sure he's causing it to swell as when disturbed he will suck it back in.

    Lack of appetite. he is eating But very little.

    Lack of the appearance of passing of water and or stools. I'm keeping a closer eye on the tank for these this week.

    I was told a salt bath daily may help if it's bacterial. I'm unsure of the amount of salt to water tho, and i certainly wouldn't want to burn him in his current condition.

    many thanks for any advice, I'll try get pictures up In the morning when the camera batteries are charged.

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    Default Re: Whites tree frog with possible Edema.

    Sounds to me like septicemia or "red-leg". It will require a vet's attention. Sorry.

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    Default Re: Whites tree frog with possible Edema.

    I meant to post in here sooner. The Whites tree frog died the day after i posted the last message.

    I think the problem was caused by my poor husbandry, I should have picked up on the symptoms a lot sooner and been faster to react to the plants dieing in the tank and reverted back to a non-living environment for him.

    I've decided that i should chalk this one up to experience. I'm glad in some respects that this has happened as it makes me more wary of the harder to keep species that require a living environment. I'm also very upset that it has happened as i feel it should never have happened in the first place. In that respect i'm kicking myself.

    Unfortunately there are no Vets in the area that can deal with frogs. I've phoned pretty much all of them now. There are some that offer a service where they will have a look, But none have a vet capable of making a diagnosis without the use of secondary tools like the internet or books. Even the pet shops in the area have drawn a blank in this regard. The only possible solution to this that was found might be the local university. I need to have a word with them as i have been told on good authority there environmental studies department has a very large selection of frogs, Both native and non native to the uk, and the department has a licensed vet that works with them. I shall endeavour to make contact with this department through the local pet stores and see if i can get some much needed support if something like this happens again. I'm adamant it will not, under any circumstances happen or even have the opportunity to happen.

    After the tank has been sterilised i may get another whites to go in the tank or a pair. At the minute I feel the tank should be left dry and sterile for at least a few weeks.

    On a final note My girlfriend got me a valentines present i wasn't expecting, an albino Ceratophrys cranwelli, she seems to be settling in just fine.

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    Default Re: Whites tree frog with possible Edema.

    Congrats on the new addition. I hope you do make contact with the university's vet. I am fortunate to live in an area that has many resources for the frog keeper, including vets, universities, zoos, museums, reptiles shops, hobbyists, and of course the NEHS & NEFG.

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