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    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and very happy to be a part of it!

    I have a C. Ornata pacman that is primarily green in color. I don't know its age or sex but its just under 2inches in diameter. I've noticed the frog will change color from a light green-yellowish color to a dark green-brownish color. I used to have a pet Mt Jackson Chameloen and I learned that they changed color for a lot of reasons to include their mood. For example when the lizard was angry, scared, or upset it would turn a dark color and when it was happy it would turn a light color. I thought maybe this applied to pacmans also but I'm not sure.

    Does anyone know the signifigance of a color change in pacman frogs???

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    Color change can be an indicator of a few things. Poor health, enviromental conditions, color of background in which the frog is on, or even lighting can effect color change in frogs.
    I have two White's treefrogs in the same enclosure, one that is always out in the open, is usually green, whilst the one that is usually hanging out in the shadows or against the black background, is brown. After lights out they both turn green.
    I breed red-eye leaf frogs, during day light hours they are a bright leaf green, but at night they darken, almost to a brown in hue.

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    Ok. Thank you for the information.

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    You're welcome.

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    I have a bright green ornate I just bought a week ago and used a old fish tank with a flourescent light. He turned dark brownish green. I removed the light and he turned back to his original color. I think flourescent light isnt good for pac mans.

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    He's changing colour to blend in with his surroundings, that's all.
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    Yeah, I would say its just a form of camoflauge. My ornata did that too. Went from bright breen to nearly a brown. He sits on dark coconut husk all day lol

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