Hey all!
I have 2 White's tree frogs, 1 is absolutely fine. The other isn't doing so well. He sits on the floor (I've increased humidity by covering 2/3s of the terrarium lid as it was suggested that it was too dry in there) and doesn't move. I don't think he's eating as he's looking really slim. I phoned a vet today but their specialist herp vet wasn't available. Receptionist said she'd get a nurse who has experience with reptiles (?) to call me back. But she didn't. I also couldn't get though on the phone to my regular vet.
The sick frog also has a very angry looking red sore on it's toe. It has got worse over the past day or so. I've put him in a seperate tank (with a piece of clean, un-used carpet) in case he has something he could pass on to the healthier frog. I've put one cricket in the 'Frog-spital' as my daughter calls it. Will be interesting to see if it's gone in the morning.
Is there anything else I can do to make him more comfy in the mean time?