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    Hey all!
    I have 2 White's tree frogs, 1 is absolutely fine. The other isn't doing so well. He sits on the floor (I've increased humidity by covering 2/3s of the terrarium lid as it was suggested that it was too dry in there) and doesn't move. I don't think he's eating as he's looking really slim. I phoned a vet today but their specialist herp vet wasn't available. Receptionist said she'd get a nurse who has experience with reptiles (?) to call me back. But she didn't. I also couldn't get though on the phone to my regular vet.
    The sick frog also has a very angry looking red sore on it's toe. It has got worse over the past day or so. I've put him in a seperate tank (with a piece of clean, un-used carpet) in case he has something he could pass on to the healthier frog. I've put one cricket in the 'Frog-spital' as my daughter calls it. Will be interesting to see if it's gone in the morning.
    Is there anything else I can do to make him more comfy in the mean time?

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    Not really, other than using wet paper towels as a substrate. I would keep on trying to get a hold of those vets. If they don't call back, then keep calling them.
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    In the past I used "Polysporin" on my frogs minor cuts. (Vet approved.) I used a q-tip to dab a thin layer onto the sore. I also kept them on clean moist paper towels and changed the water daily. Good luck!

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    Thanks for the replies. I found another sore on one of it's back legs yesterday, and the cricket I put in is still there. Am now thinking that it's not an injury, but an infection of some sort. Antibiotics are probably needed. Am still trying to get through to vets. Frog looks VERY unhappy

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    Most European countries, including the UK, require you to have a prescription for any antibiotic (proper order too in my opinion), so you will need that vet.
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    I know john, I wouldn't know where to even start with treating this guy wothout professional help! I'm hoping to get seen a.s.a.p. Was just wondering if there was anything I could do to help him in the meantime

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