I had the opportunity tonight to see the biggest pixie I've ever seen, it nearly filled an ice cream bucket when we weighed it (tared the bucket weight on the scale) and it came to 3.9 lb. !! First question I had to ask was WHAT do u feed this beast and what I got was " he eats every 3-4 days, crickets, superworms , and occasionally hornworms, same thing I feed this guy" This guy was clearly a male but no where near as big. I was explained to that genetics have everything to do with size, sure you can optimize with diet however captive bread are usually a lot smaller then wild bread sure u can feed ridiculous amounts and most people do but it won't force your frog into a true giant. I'd be happy if mines half the size as his and it does make sense you can't feed an average person a tone of food and expect shaq lol. The point I got was settle down and don't over feed.