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Thread: Tiger salamander throwing up

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    Hello, I have two tiger salamanders for about two weeks. I gave both of them 2 earthworm today. I about an hour my salamander threw it up - one earthworm was still movig, so the other ate it. Do you think my tiger was just too full? Shlould I feed them less? Or it was a bad earthwarm? Or can my salamander be ill? When shlould I feed him again? Is it normal that they throw up? Sorry for so many questions but i am really worried about them.
    Thanks a lot

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    Default Re: Tiger salamander throwing up

    Most likely the earthworms are too large to swallow easily. Try chopping the worms into smaller pieces. Adult tigers should be fed 3 times a week, younger ones more often. As the weather cools down for the winter, you can probably feed once or twice a week. Salamanders will become obese if fed too much and will be bad for their health.
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    Thank you. I will feed him with smaller worm or chopped ones.

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