I am currently dealing with a snail infestation in my vivarium. The snails weren't causing my plants any harm, but I have gotten really sick of looking at the blobby masses of snail eggs all over the background. I tried the bait method, which allowed me to catch snails (powdered sugar was a big hit), but the eggs continued to appear.

Because I had yet to plant any moss and because the build was really organized, I was able to empty the viv of everything but the peat/silicone/pond-foam background very quickly tonight. I plan on bleaching the plants, cooking the ABG OR replacing it, and cooking the hydroton. I feel like that is all under control.

Now my real question. If I rinse and clean the glass and background very well, and then allow the tank with peat/silicone/pond-foam background to dry completely, and sit under warm lights for a period of time, will the remaining snail egg clusters die? The little buggers won't re-animate after being desiccated will they?!?

Thank you so much for any help.