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Thread: ADF tadpole/froglet tank and feeding conditions

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    Default ADF tadpole/froglet tank and feeding conditions

    Hey everyone,

    I have African Dwarf Frogs, a male and a female. Everytime they mate the tadpoles die within a week. So when they started mating in September I decided to keep a bunch of the eggs with the expectation that only a few would live...WRONG!!! I know have about 60 tadpoles/froglets all between 5 and 6 weeks of age (from mulitple hatchings). Does anyone know how deep the water can be? They're all in the same 5 gallon tank. I'm afraid to fill it up too high in fear that the smaller ones might drown but I feel bad because it's a bit crowded in there. I have 5 that are significantly bigger than the rest with arms and legs and the rest are growing very slowly. No arms or legs yet. They are currently eating bbs, at which point shold I switch them over to different food? My older frogs eat a mixture of dried blood worms and the micro pellets but the older ones eat anything, sometimes they eat the fish's food.

    Another issue which might be related to not enough tank space, for the last 2 weeks or so a few of them appear to be developing dropsy (bloat) but they're still very much alive.....if I touch them they freak out like a frog with ADHD and swim off. Any ideas? Any and all help is appreciated. Thank you!


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    Default Re: ADF tadpole/froglet tank and feeding conditions

    feed them daphnia or bbs and also water depth should only be like 3 inches if you have an oxygen pump then you can place them in a deep water just like your adf and also keep the water clean as it can poison your frogs(happened to me lost my asian greenback batch only 4 left)dirty water will kill your frog and also the water in the tank should be cycled.

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