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    Hello everyone. I have two pacific tree frogs, and just yesterday my dad bought me a green tree frog. As soon as my dad got home he quickly put it in the same tank with my pacific tree frogs. They all seem to be getting along, but I am wondering if the green treefrog eat the pacific treefrogs. I have read that the green treefrogs can become cannibalistic and eat other frogs. The green tree frog is not that much larger than the pacific tree frogs at the moment so it may not be a big issue. But I just want to make sure that they can live together, otherwise I will start to look for another tank.

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    I would separate them just because Pacific tree (chorus) frogs have a higher resistance to chytrid fungus that the greenTF don't have, just to avoid disease transmission I would not put them together. Always separate wild caught frogs with other amphibians that you acquired.

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    I agree with the person above with the chytrid fungus. However, the green tree frog and the pacific tree frog do not live in the same range. Therefore, there is a risk of disease transmission between your species, so I would probably find a separate tank.

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    Thanx guys. I will move the green treefrog to a different tank. Is there any other type of frog that will get along well with my pacific tree frogs? or do they just do better by themselves?

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    well actually i too myself keep one pacific tree frog and two green tree frogs.. but my american green tree frogs are so much smaller then my pacific, i rather thought the opposite. but they are nice and seem rather friendly living side by side.

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