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    First of all hi everyone I am Barb and am the proud owner of a 1yr old albino pacman frog named Kermie . I have always kept his aquarium at around 80 during the day and around 70 at night and never had a problem. He eats regularly every 2-3 days. Today I went to the pet store to get him a new bulb and the lady working told me that I didn`t need one for a pacman frog and hers has never had one. Sounded strange to me so I did some homework and have found out some do, some don`t. I was wondering what everyone else thought? and one more question....the weather is getting cooler here and dropping into the 40-50`s at night so I have been using a red noctural heat bulb to warm the tank, will this mess up his rythm and make him sick? I appreciate any help you can give me

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    the less you listen to pet store people the healthier your frog is going to be it seems all my latest posts are the same :lol:
    and good for you you did a research and is asking clarification before doing what you were told.
    use UTH on a side of tank or/and heat lamp ( red, black, ceramic), or heat tape - anything to achieve temp of 82 during a day and 76-78 at night.

    and welcome to the forum!
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    However you can get the heat up to the right levels is fine. The only two things you can't do is to put a UTH under the tank, only on the side, and for albinos you should never use a white light, only red lights under 40 watts.

    I just recently got a space heater for my reptile room, and that really helps keep the temps up in there. It's a good investment if you have several reptiles.

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    ok, sounds like I am on the right track then. Why can`t you put the heater under the tank though??

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    They like to burrow and they can burn themselves by sitting directly on the heater.

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    never thought of that, but you have a point. He has had a small one under his 20gal tank since I got him and I never thought of it...guess I might want to move it! thanks

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