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Thread: Hello to all in the community.

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    Smile Hello to all in the community.

    Hello all!

    I'm Julien aka "BlakBat", living in Paris and joining the community 'cause I miss my herp days.
    I started with Bombina Orientalis more a decade and a half ago, had some dendros, kassina senegalensis, and some theloderma. And then I had to take a long pause from it all.

    Rebuilding my small apartement, I've made room for two terrariums at least. Just bought the first (60x40x60) and I'm thinking of phylomedusa azurea for that one. The other one (dimensions will be approx 80x 40 x 60) will be for theloderma corticale which have always been my favorites.

    Currently lurking the web for good ideas for an Amazonian style terra for the phylomedusa.

    See you around,

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    Default Re: Hello to all in the community.

    welcome to the forum!
    Save one animal and it doesn't change the world, but it surely changes the world for that one animal!

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