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Thread: Calcium and vitamin supplement together

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    I'm pretty sure I've asked a similar question about this before but I don't think I ever got an exact answer. I have this supplement to dust crickets with: Reptivite 8oz: Pet Supplies
    This has calcium and a multi-vitamin all rolled into one. I know vitamin supplements don't need to be used as often as calcium so I'm wondering if I should be using this as often as I am. I feed about a dozen med-large crickets a week for my 2" WTF and I dust at about every other feeding. Is this too often. Is vitamin toxicity at all a possibility? I spread out his feedings throughout the week so he gets 3 in a bowl about every other day and then on his "off days" I put one undusted cricket directly into the terrarium for him to hunt. So he gets 3 dusted crickets three times a week.

    Another question I have is about Dubia Roaches. I'm going to an expo in a couple weeks and plan on buying a bunch of roaches since mine are HUGE and not breeding because I don't have very many. I know roaches are more nutritious so do I need to dust them as often or at all? And I'm not entirely sure how many roaches a week he could eat?

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    Yes. You could actually get your little froggies sick from too much vitamins. High amounts of minerals could be toxic. I would recommend dusting twice a week on whatever amount of food you give them a day. It isn't recommended to have a multi and calcium all rolled into one because it might be hard on the little ones digestive system and may not absorb. so. two for just plain calcium and 2 days for just vitamins ( if it is necessary - I heard roaches are very nutritious! but I do not know about roaches specifically so I can't confirm this.)

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