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    Ok, so recently I was looking at expanding into other directions with my collection and low and behold my awesome man got me a baby Pacman! I have been doing research on them because I have been interested in them for a while but there is one thing that has me literally stumped and I could use all of you awesome peoples help!
    - As per a care sheet on this site it says pacmans do not require calcium with d3, but lots of other places say they do. I wanna do whats best for the lil guy and I have regular calcium and can go get d3 tonight if I need to.
    Any advice is appreciated! I am really excited to join the leagues of frog people!

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    Default Re: Newb question :p

    I kinda went the safe route and bought the complete diet that was on a thread on here and have my own dubia roach colony to supplement but I figured in general it would be good to know or at least have ideas and opinions!

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    I give my pacmans a repashy multi-vitamin with calcium. D3 is in it as well. I find this is great especially when the frogs are eating every day. With my bigger frogs I'm considering changing it so if they're eating 3 meals a week, two would have vitamins and one would have calcium.

    Here is what I use. Best Price for Repashy Calcium Plus Vitamin and Calcium Supplement 5.3oz Jar en Log Cabin Dog House Shop Great for every day feeding.. not too sure about it with adults though, they don't eat as often.

    I don't buy that particular package either, I get the 4oz bag of it.

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    I won't attempt to speak to the accuracy of the care sheet, but I can tell you that the breeders and super-experienced Pacman owners who post here do recommend a calcium + d3 supplement (and don't forget the multivitamin).

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    Default Re: Newb question :p

    You usually want to switch it up from the regular dusted vitamins and the one with D3. I forget which you need to use more. However, if you got the mixable complete pacman food then you don't really have to use the dust at all. But, that's up to you.

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    They must have Vitamin D3 in order to metabolize calcium to bone. UVB lights are not required and are dangerous when it comes to Albino Pacman Frogs. Use a Calcium supplement that contains D3 or a Multivitamin that contains it. You'll need both calcium powder and multivitamins.

    Dust with the multivitamin once a week and dust with the calcium every other feeding or 3 Times a week, but not with both at the same time in the same feeding.

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    Awesome thanks guys, I ordered the full pacman diet and its on its way to me and I will get the Repashy multi vitamin for when I use roaches on the side.
    I knew about the UVB light and I will NOT be using one of those especially because mine is a little albino pacman.

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