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Thread: Fire Belly acting sluggish/ not active/ sick. Help!?

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    Exclamation Fire Belly acting sluggish/ not active/ sick. Help!?

    I have a fire belly toad that I've had for about 3 years now, always in perfect health. I now notice that he is acting more sluggish and will not respond to food nearly as quick as he used too. He stays in one spot for long periods of time, and only goes in the water periodically. I don't know what happened...please help. When he jumps, it looks like a slight struggle, and less powerful than they usually are. I also observe that his head is lower to the ground when he is on land. I just moved him from one tank to another, with the same perfect conditions. Room temp, a pool of water, dirt, other necessities, etc. Is this a condition or something? I have lost other FBT's due to sluggishness but there is nothing I find that matches up with what I am experiencing.

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    Default Re: Fire Belly acting sluggish/ not active/ sick. Help!?

    If you have thoroughly read up on proper FBT care and everything about your husbandry is correct then I would just ask if you are buying these toads from the same place? You said you have experienced this behavior in past toads and they have died so perhaps they already had been compromised before they came into your care.

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