Hello everybody!

I've been trying to join this site via mobile for a few weeks now with no luck (wouldn't let me choose my country so I couldn't join) but I've finally gotten on a computer and would like to proudly introduce myself, Jabba, and my other loved ones!

First off, I just picked up Jabba today (the pet store had nicknamed him this and well, SW fanatic here and it fits ) and he's fantastic! I decided to get a Pacman frog because I have a dubia colony that I currently cannot use due to my bearded dragon being on a temporary soft-body died, so Jabba here is going to help keep the colony in check . He's the coolest little guy, and a neat addition to my school desk. I fit a 20L perfectly on one side of my desk for him. Currently the tank is split up the middle since he's so small and my brother would like to have his own pacman (although he's already claiming Jabba as his...uh, no!) so we may add a perm. divider?

I bought my decor and stuff based off of the caresheets from this forum, pictures below. Any suggestions would be great! Also, how should I place the heat pad on the side of glass...directly against it with duct tape? I read not to put it on the bottom.

The light fixture above is just a reg old light from Walmart, not UVB. Is this okay? I plan on having it on during the day, off at night, or whenever I'm not home? I don't remember reading anything on them liking/disliking regular light?

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This is all I could afford at the moment, but soon I plan on spoiling him rotten however until then I want to make sure that this set up is good for him health wise...so any suggestions on what I need to get that I don't have it definitely welcome!

And now onto my other babies...first I have baby Malachi, my bearded dragon I've only had her for three or so weeks. And we have been through hell and back together. She had a two night vet stay in "critical beardie care" due to improper conditions at the pet store and is now home and recovering and *loving* her medications. Did I mention she's say...five weeks old? She's such a charmer!

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I also am slave to seven rescued hermit crabs! I haven't sat down and named them yet, but I plan to soon. Right now 3 are molting so I haven't really met them all! These guys are great.
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And then of course my two doggies, Ben and Cricket!
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Sorry if that's too many photos...I just love pictures! I can't wait to learn all I can about frogs...I get the feeling I'll have more than Jabba before I know it!