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Thread: Article: Venomous Snakebites: My Experiences as a Bite Responder, with Notes on Famous Bites

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    Default Article: Venomous Snakebites: My Experiences as a Bite Responder, with Notes on Famous Bites

    Hi All,

    TV personality Mark OSheas recent King Cobra bite brought to mind the many experiences Ive had as a snakebite responder for the Bronx Zoo. Mr. OShea survived, but venomous snakes claim a surprising number of lives worldwide (4.5 million bites, possibly 100,000 deaths; please see article below). Some bites, as youll see, occur in a most unlikely place New York City! As is fitting for my fair city, few were routine guns, odd characters, suicides, and drug dealers all made appearances. Read article here: Venomous Snakebites - My Experiences and Notes on Well-Known Victims | That Reptile Blog

    Comments and questions appreciated. As I do not place notices here each time I post a new article on That Reptile Blog, you may wish to check in periodically or subscribe; you can do so here That Reptile Blog. Please also check out my posts on Twitter Twitter.

    Thanks, Frank
    My Bio, with photos of animals Ive been lucky enough to work with That Pet Place welcomes Zoologist/Herpetologist Frank Indiviglio to That Reptile Blog | That Reptile Blog
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