Last night I was feeding Trevor, and she clamped onto the end of the tongs and wouldn't let go. Normally if that happens she just spits them out and keeps the worm, but I guess she couldn't figure out a way to do that without letting go of the worm too. After a minute or two with the tongs in her mouth, she did the 'froggy narcolepsy' thing I've described in other posts where her eyes stop responding to light and she appears to pass out when she gets over-excited, and I was able to ease them out without her going nuts. She 'woke up' after about thirty seconds like she normally does when that happens. Even though it was like 4am I decided to soak her for awhile and monitor her, and she seemed fine and burrowed as soon as I put her back in the tank.
She had only a very short section of the tongs in her mouth (like slightly less than a centimeter) but she was holding on to it REALLY tightly. When I got them out, I noticed a small amount of blood. It had to either be a tongue or gum injury (maybe even from her biting her own tongue which stuck out more when she passed out), so I'm not super worried about anything important being damaged.

What do you guys think I should do as far as waiting to feed her again? I can't exactly open up her mouth to check the injury, but I'm thinking it isn't very serious. I just don't want an infection to start from getting food in a cut or something. She's been eating well, so she'd probably be able to go awhile without food if she needs to.