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Thread: Making a Complete Pacman frog Care Guide

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    Lightbulb Making a Complete Pacman frog Care Guide

    Hi fellows,

    So I would like to have everyone's input on the making of a Complete Guide to Ceratophrys Frog Care.
    If possible we can divide up each sections among us.

    My goal is to make a single guide that covers just about every aspect of keeping a Ceratophrys frog in captivity, along with some natural history and background of the animals.

    Since ideally this guide covers all the common Ceratoprhys frogs on market, it should include info about Cranwelli, Ornata, Fantasy pacman, Cornuta, and Caatinga. However, to avoid redundancy, the main guide should focus on Cranwelli and Ornata by default because they are the most commonly kept species in the genus. If there's a difference in care of other species (i.e. Cornuta and Caatinga) we can simply state the what that species is and what's different about the care. Maybe we can make a "Note" in each section about these special species.

    Here are my suggested categories:

    1. Name(s): Both common and Scientific names. This will include Cranwelli, Ornata, Fantasy, Cornuta, and Caatinga.

    2. Life Span/Expectancy: Of each species recorded in captivity.

    4. Size: What's the typical size and how big do these guys get? Snout-to-Vent length (SVL) both in inches and cm.

    3. Habitat and Range: Where are these guys naturally found (which locales, ex: Amazon basins; what countries)? What type of environment or habitat? Range maps of these frog species would be nice.

    4. Life History: When do these guys breed? What type of amplexus? How many eggs per clutch? How long does it take for tadpoles to hatch and metamorphose? How long does it take for them to become sexually mature? How to tell sexes apart?

    5. Natural Diet and Captivity Diet: What do these frogs eat in their natural environment? What do/should we feed them in captivity? Thanks to JIvoryReptile we can borrow her link to Youtube video on Feeding 101 and 102! What types of food items should we avoid feeding our frog for example: food that can cause impaction, bugs we catch from our garden, etc.
    Impaction seems like a recurring question/problem so we should also answer the question of "how to deal with impaction"

    6. Temperature and Humidity level: What's the appropriate temperature range and humidity levels for these frogs? Temperature in both Celcius (ºC) and Farenheit (ºF). What equiptment(s) are needed to achieve those conditions (UTH, fogger/mister, light fixtures)? Where do we attach UTH? What type of light to avoid with an Albino frog?

    7. Enclosure and Substrate: What size of caging is appropriate for what age animals? Pros and cons of the types of caging (plastic, glass)? Which types of substrate are good for what age animals? What types of substrate is NOT acceptable?

    8. Cover and Water: Do these frogs need covers? What kind? Water dish vs. no water dish? What kind of water is safe to use with frogs? What kind of water is NOT safe for amphibians?

    9. Cleaning: How often should we clean the cage for poops, change water in dish? How often should we replace paper towel substrate or EcoEarth? What do we use to wash our enclosures with?

    10. Handling: Thanks to JIvoryReptile again we can use her wondering video on handling various sizes of frogs!

    11. Disease and Sickness: What kind of diseases can occur in captivities? How to avoid them? How to cure our frogs from them?

    12. Breeding: I'll leave this to the breeders and experts.

    I'm sure I have left out something but I'm close to brain dead at this point. Now that I look at this I realize how much info it is required to make this complete. I'm aware that we already have a care sheet created on FrogForum by Stanton Waits/Me Tree. His guide is great for a beginning but nowhere near complete. If and when you use information from another course/person, please cite the source/person appropriately. We want to give other people credit on the work they have done. If you have trouble citing a book, website, or an article, just google it. There're a couple websites that gives good examples on proper citation.

    Now, lets have a show of hands on what part people like to work on? You don't have to make your part PERFECT, because we'll have experts like Grif Mikesfrog, and IvoryReptile to spot for false information for us (if they don't mind).

    I can take on #11, the disease part, but rather specifically chytridiomycosis because that's what I study and I'm confident to give accurate information on chytrid fungus.

    If there's a specific section/area you would like to research, simply reply to this thread on which section your taking on. When you have completed writing your section, just post it on a new thread and name it something like "Complete Care Guide #Section you worked on#" so for me since I worked on section #11(Diseases and Sickness) I would make a new thread and name it "Complete Care Guide #11"

    I would like to have as many people as possible to help making this guide since you all can see there's a sh*t ton of work! Thank you everyone!

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    Default Re: Making a Complete Pacman frog Care Guide

    Name: Mines is Ornate Cranwelli
    LifeSpan: mine is 4-6months old probably live up to 10years :
    Habitat: i like mine to look nice i use coconut fiber enough that it wouldnt touch the glass i mix it up well with water so its moist then add a water dish that it can go into with drinking water. I add some fake plants for decoration and a background outside of the tank that looks like a forest.
    Size: i got it when it was a quarter now its as big as the circle of a soda. could probably grow as big as a cool whip container.
    Lifehistory:Not sure originated from south America horned frog?
    Diet: Cricket daily earth worm 2nd my pacman eats fine so i feed it mealworms after supplies run out for 2 days he has no problem with it then 4 gold fish per month and a pinkie becareful with goldfish they might contain disease i grow mine and breed mine so its fine mealworm could be harmful as some pacman expert say so becareful with that.
    temperature: i keep mine 80 day 75 night moist spray 2-6x a day
    cover/lid: their to fat so dont worry as long as your container is higher then 8-12inch
    Cleaning: Check daily for poop remove the poop and a small area of the coconut fiber
    handling: try not to unless you move it somewhere make sure your hand is clean and wash after dont hold or play with it
    disease: dont feed to much or they can have an impact make sure they poop daily before feeding more cricket or whatever you feed
    breeding: im not a expert sorry k
    Enjoy my little tip or how i raise my frog here him

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    Default Re: Making a Complete Pacman frog Care Guide

    Quote Originally Posted by DorkiTimmy View Post

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    I commence you for your enthusiasm. But Timmy you see, what I'd like to do is not asking for a survey of people's frogs. What I would love to achieve is to gather the most thorough information and create a comprehensive care guide for pacman frog. This will no doubt be a group effort. And I thank you for jumping on the very opportunity in helping out!

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    Default Re: Making a Complete Pacman frog Care Guide

    Hmm i think with peoples way and style to take care of a frog it would help even if it may not be 100% the best but then at least its a way you can raise your frog if others are able to do so. thats why i felt like giving some of the information i know and how i raise my frog

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    Default Re: Making a Complete Pacman frog Care Guide

    this thread doesn`t seem to be necessary, there is a good care sheet up here already....

    Frog Forum - Pacman and Horned Frogs - Ceratophrys - Care and Breeding

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    Default Re: Making a Complete Pacman frog Care Guide

    Quote Originally Posted by BowserFrog View Post
    this thread doesn`t seem to be necessary, there is a good care sheet up here already....

    Frog Forum - Pacman and Horned Frogs - Ceratophrys - Care and Breeding
    You guys can go ahead and read the care article if you haven't already. If you guys think I need to add something, I don't think changing some things is out of the range of possibility. I'd just need to talk to John about it. I tried to be as thorough as possible.

    It has over 9,300 and it's been up about a year now. Perhaps it would be more visible if we got it stickied on the Pacman Frog forum, though.

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    Default Re: Making a Complete Pacman frog Care Guide

    I agree that an authoritive guide on natural history and captive husbandry are LONG overdue. You can count on my help
    in the development of this.

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    Default Re: Making a Complete Pacman frog Care Guide

    Sounds good!

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    Default Re: Making a Complete Pacman frog Care Guide

    Any enhancment of educational and informitive considerations, are not, conflictive with your article. They meerly update to personal thoughts or
    experiences by others. This develops into a learning process.
    (IMHO)----- A work in progess !!

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