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Thread: Auratus tadpole development

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    Default Auratus tadpole development

    My D. auratus tadpole is almost ready to leave the water, and I've decided to share the stages of development.

    July 12
    Tadpole still in the bromeliad; no sign of limbs yet.
    Name:  Auratus Tadpole 1.jpg
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    July 14
    Tadpole has now been pulled from the bromeliad and moved to a nursery container.
    NOTICE: Larger size than when it was in the bromeliad.
    Name:  Auratus Tadpole 2.png
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    July 18
    Tadpole thriving in nursery container.
    NOTICE: Hind legs just beginning to develop.
    Name:  Auratus Tadpole 3.jpg
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    July 25
    The tadpole looked this way before I left on my vacation.
    NOTICE: Hind limbs clearly visible, toes developing.
    Name:  Auratus Tadpole 4.jpg
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    August 11
    The tadpole looked this way when I returned from my vacation.
    NOTICE: Hind limbs have increased significantly in size. Toes clearly visible. Front limbs developing. Faint markings visible.
    Name:  Auratus tadpole 5.jpg
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    August 13
    Entering metamorphic stage.
    NOTICE: Tail growing smaller; front limbs clearly visible; colouration clearly visible.
    Name:  Auratus Tadlet.png
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    What do you think?

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    Default Re: Auratus tadpole development

    Awesome tracking of his/her development! I can't get over all the changes while you were gone. Good thing you got back when you did! You may have had a monster on your hands otherwise.
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