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Thread: Help with a possible sick whites tree frog

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    Default Help with a possible sick whites tree frog

    Hi guys

    I have read alot of posts on this forum about whites tree frogs turning brown, some say stress some say its normal. I have noticed that a few days ago one of my whites has taken to going brown in the day and almost back to green at night.

    He also isn't very active unlike the other one i have. He just sits in a cave at the back of the tank.

    He only seems to have gone brown on top and still abit green around the edges. His belly is white but has a slight yellow tint to it.

    He is eating but ony two or three small locusts at a time (per day) and maybe the odd wax worm. Most evening he starts barking.

    Tank info:
    Exoterra 45cm x 60 cm tank and hood with 2 x 13 watt reptiglow 2 bulbs on 7am to 9pm
    2 adult whites tree frogs
    Bark shavings as a substrate
    Temps around 70 - 74
    Humidity 65-85
    Plastic and a few real plants (told by pet shop are frog friendly)

    I think this is the correct set up so i can't understand whats happening.
    Ok since posting this i turned there light off. just gone back to the tank and he is out sitting at the highest level, and he is almost green again.

    I have just feed him and he took 4 more locusts and another wax worm.

    Here are a few pics of my two whites. He is some times abit darker brown than this. Will try get some more pics.

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    Default Re: Help with a possible sick whites tree frog

    You're frogs are beautiful, I love the picture of the two of them looking in the hole! I am new to Whites' tree frogs myself and I understand your frustration with them turning brown. I think, from what I read, a lot has to do with environment, they like to blend in. Mine spend most of their time brown but today I came happy to see they are both a real pretty green almost pastel. One of mine is sitting on a green leaf and the other is in a green topped hospital tank so I think that has something to do with it. As long as your guy is eating and pooping I think he's fine. You said he isn't very active...was he ever very active or is this a new thing for him? If he was active and then stopped then maybe there is something going on. If not I wouldn't worry.

    Your temp and humidity is fine, I'm not sure about the shaved bark substrate. I would be worried about impaction.

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    Default Re: Help with a possible sick whites tree frog

    Thanks for the kind words. I have just tried feeding them and the brown frog was very keen to come and get the food, which is great.
    I wasn't sure about the substate at first was was assured by the exotic pet shop that they had use it for years with no problems, so im unsure what to do.

    i will keep you informed on his progress.

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