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    I'm going to be house sitting in another city in less than a week. I just found out that my house will be empty except for the neighbor coming in to feed and water the cats. No one will be here to take care of Jr, I'm taking both my dogs with me. I was wondering if having Jr travel in his small hospital tank and living in it for a week or so would be okay. The neighbor has never cared for anything without fur...he isn't someone I want anywhere near my room or to leave my little green baby with. No one else is brave enough to toss him a worm while I'm gone. I was just hoping for some advice, since I still can't get rid of the mites in his main enclosure... >8( He can't move back in. He has finally started eating in his little tank, but only when the lights are off. I just need some advice on this one.
    I was also wondering which bulb would be better for him at night since it can get cold here. I was looking at a night-glo blue bulb 40watts and a red nightlight 40watts, but wasn't sure which to get. He's on paper towels right now that are misted and moist at all times so he won't dry out. He doesn't like that he can't burrow, but I'm afraid of him getting eaten by mites since I still can't figure out where the little buggers are coming from...he doesn't eat crickets anymore, only worms, so I'm thinking it may be this new soil I got him.
    Thanks for any help,

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    yes take him with , just make sure he doesnt get over heated or chilled and he should be fine... take all the supplies you need to take care of him and his worms cuz you never know if you'll find what you'll need where your going, best be safe and have it with you already.

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