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Thread: Help- Eye Problem ~ With Photos

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    Unhappy Help- Eye Problem ~ With Photos

    I tried posting this in the tree frog forum area last night. No replies yet with about 50 views. If anyone can please help that would be great. I did contact Dr. Frye but no reply yet either.

    I'm new here had frogs for awhile now. I left for vacation and our frogs were looked after properly while we gone. When we came back my Amazon Milk Frog was shedding she still has some skin stuck to her upon further looking I noticed that her left eye is now clouded over. Her right eye had started to cloud over as well. I know I don't have a photo attached right now to assist with help. I have scanned this site for possible further information and havent found anything similar. She has since been placed into a hospital tank. with nothing but paper towel which is changed out daily and a water dish changed now 2 times daily. This morning she had more skin shedding off of her but her eye is still clouded. She can still see and jump and is still eating as well. She also keeps her eye fully open. Her eye is also not white yet so it may still be viable. I don't know if this is due to a hard shed or not. I have not done any drops to her eyes yet. I read about the turtle drops helping and saline but was unsure of going that route so I have just tried to rub her eye with some water which seems to help a little as well as her soaking herself.

    Her tank is as follows

    Exo-terra 30 gallon with areas to perch up high which she was doing prior to the hospital tank move. I don't think she has an injury to her eye because she has been in that tank for a long time now. Substrate is peat moss with rocks on the very bottom. Rocks are not accessible at all there is a sufficent amount of soil. Humidity is kept in normal range.

    Thanks for help or suggestions.

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