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Thread: Whites Tree Frog Scared???

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    Default Whites Tree Frog Scared???

    Hi FF! Ok so... my whites tree frog has been making this weird noise, I think it's a scared noise. Normally it has been sorta quiet, but last night it was SUPER loud! It sounds like a squeaky toy. Do whites tree frogs make that kind of noise when they are scared?? Oh and I hear it like once every other day.
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    Default Re: Whites Tree Frog Scared???

    Yes, your right. These frogs along with many others will make a high pitch noise in defense. Its more like a scream. Not all frogs do this in captivity but some will, most likely a personality thing. They can do it when touched, scared of foe or feeling in danger. How long have you had your frog? I know someone that had a frog that did this whenever she looked in the enclosure but now it seems to have stopped and that might be just because its more settled. I hope this helped .

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    Default Re: Whites Tree Frog Scared???

    Hello Ebony! I have had my frog since March 8, 2012. I look into his Cage alot but he is normally sleeping. He is scared of people though, he is getting more used to me. It seems to me like he does it around 12:00-1:00am. That is the only time I seem to hear it.
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    Anybody else?
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    Default Re: Whites Tree Frog Scared???

    My frog squawks like that if I mist him while he's sleeping. I guess he doesn't appreciate being woken up with a cold shower, haha!

    It's happened a few times, back when I first got him, when I wasn't even near the enclosure. However, he's never made this noise when being touched or picked up. I can't tell you why they do it, but it's pretty safe to say that it's probably nothing to worry about. It's generally a distress call, yes, but sometimes they just do it for their own froggy reasons. It will likely calm down as it gets more used to its surroundings.

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    I've got two in one enclosure, one's happy to be handled, the other hates it, the happy one makes a yarp noise for no reason while he's wandering, the other one only joins in when they starts the frog chorus, I think it's a 'oi make sure you look at me tonight' reminder, either that or he simply wants to make sure I know he's awake.

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