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Thread: CB FBT toadlets!!!

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    Default CB FBT toadlets!!!

    hey all, i have like 30 xtra fbt toadlets for sale
    they r $4 each 10 for $30 plus $35 express shipping
    they metamorphosized in april and eat young roaches and can be handfed bloodworms to develop red pigment
    i will post pics of the whole life cycle soon and CT residents get them free and can come pick them up
    if an animal dies i refund the cost of the animal but not shipping
    US only sorry
    pm me or email me at if interested or if u want some references

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    Will you sell tadpoles?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KittyKatMe View Post
    Will you sell tadpoles?
    yes i will but i dont have any tadpoles at the moment
    i should next year in february/march though

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