I'm getting a delivery tomorrow of 20 Bull frog tadpoles for my pond. I have bought 6 already and 2 died. I put them in my 200 gallon pond I built for them about 2 months ago. Today I went out and bought a new set up to help raise them into frogs before putting in pond because I Thought maybe they weren't getting their food. So I bought a 10 gallon filled to the top with water and I bought a hut so they can hide under, with 2 inches of 3/4 inch rocks.(Big enough so they can't eat) I have a 100gph filter, I think it was that atleast. And I'm putting 2 water hyacinths plants in it for them to nibble at. I'm going to feed them some gold fish flakes and boiled lettece frozen into ice cubes. Can someone tell me if this setup is alright to raise them into frogs and then let them go into my pond when they are developed into the frog stage?