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Thread: What humidity level to have for pixie frogs

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    Default What humidity level to have for pixie frogs

    I have an external humidity maker, so I can set for any level, right now its set to 84% humidity. Is this good? too wet? too dry? I have looked at many care sheets, but none seem to list that part, only temp, ect. I'd love to know what to set it to. Thanks!

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    Default Re: What humidity level to have for pixie frogs

    i would set at 65% thay come from rather dry place... but i dont think it would hurt. my frogs live on my back porch im in south fla and some times its 100% humidity i have few pixies and pacs thay all do good

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    Default Re: What humidity level to have for pixie frogs

    I dont get too worried about the humidity dropping in the 70% range. I make sure the temp is right and the substrate is moist. I spritz the cage well once a day

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