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Thread: Earthworms disappeared!

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    Angry Earthworms disappeared!

    I bought some earthworms from my neighborhood petshop. They were doing great for a day or so, living in a bucket outside. Now they seem to have completely disappeared! What could have happened to them?

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    birds snake anything why not keep them in the container they came in and put it in a bag then put it in the fridge....?

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    If the bucket didn't have a firmly secured/weighted lid they climbed out. I never thought this would happen, and then one day I found my basement floor covered in nightcrawlers.

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    the weird thing about night crawlers is that they crawl away id say birds or rodents got to them. since they are active at night your best guess would be rodents.

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    Same thing kept happening to my parent's fishing worms. They set up an outdoor camera they had, just for the heck of it, and rats were taking off with them. Sneaky little critters!
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    I have a small earthworm farm going in the backyard. I didn't realize that earthworms climb. Also the little suckers squeeze through any little gap in the container.

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