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Thread: I think my Western Toad is a male?

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    Smile I think my Western Toad is a male?

    I have a Western Toad (Bufo boreas) who is about 4 inches long. When I first caught him he made a chirping noise that sounded just like a dog's squeak toy. Sometimes during the night he makes a short series of quiet chirps which remind me of a bird "cooing." I know Western Toads lack vocal sacks so their calls are rather quiet and sound like a chirp, so that makes sense. I'm just not sure if females also have the ability to make these chirping noises or if it's only males?

    Tonight I was tong feeding him crickets and he made the quiet bird-like call right after he had eaten one. It was really cool to see and hear and I'm guessing it's safe to assume he's male now?

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    Default Re: I think my Western Toad is a male?

    Sounds like Trevor is a boy!

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    Default Re: I think my Western Toad is a male?

    The males do have the faint cheeping call. Females are unable to make any noise whatsoever. I have a female, and she's never once made a noise. You have a boy!

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