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Thread: Help with heating pads.

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    Eric Buschman

    Default Help with heating pads.

    Hello everyone, I was recently informed that a heat pad should be used for my pacman frog's enclosure. He is in a 10 gallon tank right now. I had the thermometer at the top left corner of his cage and it was reading a constant 78-80 temperature. I've since then moved it to about an inch away from the substrate as recommended by a forum member. I was wondering if I needed a heat pad what size heat pad I needed to get. I've got one that is 3x3 from an old hermit crab cage I had when I was younger. Is that big enough to supply the cage with the proper heat? Or do I need to go bigger? The heating pads that I was looking at are these;
    Adjust-A-Temp Reptile Heat Mats

    What size would you guys/gals recommend I get? I'm new to this and want to provide the best possible care for my little room mate. Any light you could shed would be greatly appreciated as always. Thanks for viewing,

    -Eric Buschman

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    Default Re: Help with heating pads.

    If the frog is in a 10 gallon, I would suggest the 8x12 size and wrap it around a corner.......the mat should be on the sides of the tank, NOT the bottom. It will help keep the temps up in at least one side of the cage. 82 should be your top temp and 76 your low.

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    Eric Buschman

    Default Re: Help with heating pads.

    Ok,thanks for your help! I really appreciate it

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