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Thread: Toad-let/Frog-let identification

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    So, my girlfriend and I found a temporary pool of water on the rocks between lake Superior and some woods, literally 10 feet from the lake. I decided to bring five home and raise them. Sadly, we lost three to the filter but the other two are now small Frog-lets or toad-lets. we have had them for probably about a month. can someone help me find out what i have? they just came out of the water within the last few days so metamorphosis just happened and they are roughly the size of medium house flies. they seem to be pure black. also, they have very very thin legs. all info is welcome. also, i found a green phase gray/grey tree frog outside of my apartment a week and a half ago. i currently have moss ground and fake plants in a ten gal with wire cage addition on the top(adding roughly 8 more gallons worth of space). any suggestions? he is eating fine and seems healthy. just wondering if anyone has suggestions.

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    awww i dont no what it is but its cute
    i would have tryed to help find out what it is but it's to tiny
    hope all goes well meg x

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