I have 5 tree frogs (Amazon Milkx2, White'sx2 and an american green treefrog) as well as 2 bumble bee walking toads, so I'm not new to frogs as pets or culturing food. However I am new to both dart frogs as well as raising frogs from tadpoles.

My friend has darts and most recently added 4 Santa Isabel's to his collection. Clutches of eggs started appearing 3-4 days after he set them up in their vivarium. I opted to take 4 tadpoles off his hands after they hatched. We did it right (at least I think we did) got the Indian almond leaves, and the tadpole food treated with cera micron? Now my one of my 4 tadpoles has sprouted rear legs and the others look like they are about to do the same!

So, I'm seeking some advice as to what to do next. Do I need to move them into a new container yet? What should the next container look like for 4 almost froglets? Water level? Additives? food etc.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!