Well I have finally decided the injured tree frog I found isn't a green but grey. I know so very little about these little creatures. I brought it in and have had pretty good luck nursing it back to health, but I want to give it the best chance possible before I return it back to nature. It's tiny little back was crushed flat and she wasn't using it's back legs when I first brought her in. It has been so dry here and I'm sure she was dehydrated. Well it seems she wasn't ready to give in because almost everything seems to be good after about a week. The only thing I am concerned about at this point is her right back foot. The toes look really red to me and kind of seem to want to curl under sometimes. Even looks like maybe she drags? her toes on that foot. I have been keeping moist paper towell in the bottom of the aqurium and I think maybe they look a little better. Is there a chance I am over reacting and she is fine or do I need to be doing something? No vet for 80 to 100 miles to deal with this sort of thing. And like I said I know so very little, maybe she is perfectly normal.