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Thread: sore looking toes on grey tree frog

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    Default Re: sore looking toes on grey tree frog

    As for the neosporin make sure it's the ORIGINAL one. It's the only one that is safe. I tried using a dish, but I raised my from tads and they are so use to feeding from tweezers they won't eat from a bowl. I'm just happy all is working out well.
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    Gail, thanks once again for the info. I'll look into the moss. I'm not crazy over this moss mat but seemed to be the lesser of two evils with sore toes. Bella is one remarkable little frog! Just this evening she has decided to start exploring her new environment. She is such a funny little one I've come to love her already. Her toes are looking better every day although I think she may have lost one. I called the vet I used to use for my dogs and he said it's actually not uncommon for frogs to loose their toes and to use the neosporin. ??whoda thought? Anyway I'm ecstatic! She is finally (after 2 1/2 weeks) acting like a frog and I can tell she is finally feeling better. Someone on the fourm recomended I put a small clear dish in with her with a couple crickers in it and teach her how to feed from the dish to cut down on the handling because she was showing signs of stress. What a great idea. And how funny she is hopping arround the dish trying to figure out how the get the crickets. She actually looks like she's stalking them. She finally got in the dish with a little help (I felt kinda sorry for her). I think she's going to learn though. Well thanks again to you and everyone who has give input on how to help and what to do for Bella. Hopefully as I learn I'll someday be able to help some poor comfused sole like I am now. Confused but happy 8~))
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    Default Re: sore looking toes on grey tree frog

    yes neosporin with pain reliever will euthanize your frog. only use the regular kind.

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    Default Re: sore looking toes on grey tree frog

    Thanks. Everyone including vet was sure to tell me just the regular neosporin but I'd rather be told right twice than wrong once so I'm glad you said something. I'm really hoping the bowl thing works because my daughter is getting married in Islamorada in Oct. and we have to have someone come in to take care of the pets. It would just be so much easier. Hope everyone had a great 4th!!!

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