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    I have 3 toadlets that my brother picked up in palm springs. I have no idea what kind they are, so I wanted to post some pictures of them, but I have no idea how to do it! Also, they are about the size of your pinky nail and I have them temporarily in a 5 gallon with coconut fiber substrate, a shallow water dish, and some hiding places. I am feeding them fruit flies and pinhead crickets, but I got them yesterday so I'm not sure if they're eating. Any help would be greatly appreciated on their care, and how to upload pictures so I can find out what species they are! Thanks.

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    to post pictures is very easy when your posting a message it will go smiley,link,unlink, insert image then select it off your camera and upload then and maybe we could help you very what kind they are and also try feeding them in a different container or something to see if they are eating if possible... or tong feeding

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    Thank you KINGblackPHINEX, I have now found out that tney are Woodhouse or Rocky Mountain Toads. I did try feeding in another container, one ate a couple of crickets but the others didn't. I need help on care for these guys, how big they will get, their habitat, etc. I know they love burrowing, so I gave them a few inches of substrate. I think I will try tong feeding, but for now I'm just trying to get their basic care under my belt. Also, they are all pretty fat and generally sit with just their faces poking out. Is this normal?

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    as far as the faces poking out yes! my pacman does this also! and as far as size just about as big as a normal toad that you would find outside.... im not sure about habitat but until someone who knows more comes by keep the tank at like 75% humidity and keep it warm maybe lowest 75f highest 85f use eco earth or terratorium plantation soil by exoterra and if possible by some reptical and some reptilife plus dust the crickets once a week one week with the calcium and one with the repto life because if you do both at the same time if im not mistaking that could overdose them.... hopefully someone more knowledgeable about these frogs comes by to further assist you i bought those at my local pet store also and maybe get a 50watt uth bulb thats what i use to maintain the heat when the air is on in my house... get a sprayer or something to periodically spray the tank to maintain humidty also if you need to know anything else ask and i will try to further help you as much as possible

    P.S. you could feed them crickets worms mealworms anything really wax worms but i would go with crickets for a staple until they maybe get bigger. How many do you have so i could possiblly tell you how big the tank should be...

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    I have three, and right now since they're so small they are in a 5 gallon. I was thinking of moving to a twenty gallon when they get bigger, is this appropriate?

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    I would say if you have the space and dont mind having that big of a tank theres no harm in putting them in that big of a tank!

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    Thanks, and the tong feeding worked! I'm so exited!

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    yes it is very fun when i get to feed my frog to thats kind of why i got them and beacuase there interesting to watch i think

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    I got the 20 gallon and I'm setting everything up 2morrow. Yay!

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    haha i hope you have fun sorry i did not get on earlier and reply faster to this post!

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